Same-Day Onlays & Ceramic Restorations in Corona, CA

Same-Day Onlays & Ceramic Restorations in Corona, CA

A Time-Saving Solution for a Beautiful Smile

Are you in need of dental restorations, but worried about lengthy procedures and multiple visits? Look no further! Dr. Martinez and our skilled team offer same day onlay and ceramic restorations, utilizing CEREC technology to save you time and deliver incredible results. Contact us now or call (951) 444-7010 today to schedule a consultation with your Corona dentist and transform your smile with ease.

What are Same Day Onlays and Ceramic Restorations?

Same day onlays and ceramic restorations are advanced techniques that leverage CEREC technology, allowing us to create custom-made restorations right in our office during a single visit.

Benefits of Opting for Onlays and Restorations

Immediate Dentin Sealing

Immediate dentin sealing is a revolutionary technique that enhances patient comfort and improves the bonding strength of restorations. After preparing the tooth for a crown or onlay, we apply a special resin layer to the tooth surface immediately. This significantly reduces post-operative sensitivity, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable recovery process.

Less Invasive Treatment

Same day restorations, such as onlays, only replace the functional part of the tooth, preserving as much of the patient's natural tooth structure as possible. Gone are the days of shaving the tooth down to a stump! Our advanced technology allows for conservative yet effective solutions.

Same Day Results

With our CEREC technology, patients no longer need to worry about temporary onlays or crowns falling off. We provide the final restoration on the same day, ensuring you leave our office with a fully restored and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Is This Covered by Dental Insurance?

Coverage for same day onlays and ceramic restorations may vary depending on your dental insurance plan. Our dedicated team at Corona Smile Shoppe will gladly assist you in understanding your coverage and benefits. We accept a wide range of insurance plans and offer flexible payment options to make these innovative treatments accessible to all our patients.