Preventive dentist in Corona, CA

Preventive Dentistry in Corona, CA

Keep Your Smile Healthy

At Corona Smile Shoppe, we specialize in preventive dentistry. Our goal is to always keep your mouth healthy and help you avoid gum disease, tooth decay, and other common oral health issues. Dr. Martinez offers expert preventive care for the whole family. Learn more about the importance of preventive care below, or call (951)444-7010 for an appointment with your dentist in Corona

Preventive Dentistry Benefits

Prevent Oral Diseases

Why is preventive dentistry important? First and foremost, it allows you to avoid oral health conditions like gum disease (gingivitis) and tooth decay (cavities). It also provides the building blocks for strong at-home oral hygiene habits. 

Save Time & Money

By avoiding common oral health diseases and complications, you can protect your time and budget by avoiding the need for further restorative treatments, such as fillings for cavities.

Get Peace Of Mind

After your six-month visit to Corona Smile Shoppe, you’ll know that your mouth is completely healthy. Even if Dr. Martinez notices an issue, he will schedule a follow-up to provide you with the care you need right away. This means you can live your day-to-day life without worrying about your oral health.

Teeth Cleanings & Oral Exams

Teeth cleanings and oral exams are the most important part of preventive dentistry. During your routine appointment at Corona Smile Shoppe, your hygienist will gently clean your teeth and take x-rays, and Dr. Martinez will examine your mouth to make sure your smile is healthy.

How Can I Maintain My Dental Health At Home?

Maintaining your dental health at home is very important. First, brush your teeth at least twice daily for at least two minutes to remove plaque and tartar. Also, floss between your teeth to remove tiny food particles stuck between your teeth. Schedule a check-up or cleaning with a licensed dentist at least twice a year or once every four months if your teeth are more predisposed to staining and dental decay.

In addition to the above, it’s also important to avoid eating too much sugary and starchy food that promotes dental decay. Instead, eat a balanced diet consisting of wholesome organic products to boost your dental health. Limit the consumption of alcoholic drinks as they promote the formation of plaque, erode the enamel, and accelerate dental decay.

preventative dentist in Corona

Why is Preventive Dentistry So Important?

Preventive dentistry centers on maintaining proper oral health and preventing dental complications. It allows the dentist to monitor the health of the patient’s teeth and the progress of treatments they’re currently undergoing. Preventive dentistry helps detect early signs of severe dental complications so you can nip them in the bud.  These complications take more time and are more expensive to treat in their later stages. Preventive dentistry helps save time and money by sorting out the issues before they spiral out of control.

Fresh breath, clean teeth, and a beautiful smile can do wonders for your confidence and improve your quality of life. You’ll also receive the best advice for maintaining clean, healthy teeth from qualified dentists with years of experience. Putting this advice to practice will ensure your teeth remain strong and healthy for the longest time.

I Feel Pain During Dental Cleanings; What Can I Do?

Pain is fairly uncommon with dental cleanings. However, if you experience pain during your routine cleaning, it’s important to let the dentist know right away. Describe the type of pain you experience, and the dentist will rub topical numbing cream on the affected area. This cream numbs the gum tissue so you can have a pain-free dental cleaning experience.

You should also consider switching to a desensitizing toothpaste, specifically one that contains potassium nitrate. Doing so reduces the sensitivity of your teeth’s roots to ingredients used in dental cleaning. Your dentist can also give great recommendations for desensitizing toothpaste that you can use before dental cleanings to reduce discomfort.

In addition to changing your toothpaste, you should also go for dental cleaning more often. Bleeding and painful gums during dental cleaning indicate that you haven’t been taking good care of your teeth. Scheduling regular dental cleanings will help keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape so they don’t act up during these cleaning sessions.