Night guards in Corona, CA

Night Guards in Corona, CA

Protect Against Grinding, TMJ, & More

Teeth grinding (bruxism) affects up to 1/3 of all adults. If you grind your teeth in Corona, a night guard from Dr. Martinez can help protect your teeth from damage and ensure you avoid future complications related to teeth grinding. Contact us  or call (951) 444-7010 today to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Corona.

The Night Guard Benefits

Prevent Damage To Teeth

Frequent grinding and clenching can cause premature wear and tear, and even result in cracking or breaking one or more teeth. Night guards absorb the pressure of grinding and protect your teeth from damage.

Prevent TMJ

Teeth grinding can contribute to TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), which is a dysfunction of the small joints that connect your jaw to your skull. TMJ can cause pain, inhibit your ability to open and close your mouth properly, and more. Treating grinding with a night guard can help you avoid this issue completely.

Reduce Headaches

Teeth grinding often contributes to tense jaw muscles that can cause headaches. By reducing the severity of grinding, a night guard can help reduce headaches.

The Night Guard Creation Process

Getting a night guard at Corona Smile Shoppe is quick and easy, and takes just two appointments. During your first appointment, Dr. Martinez will examine your mouth and determine the proper type of night guard for your situation. Then, he will take impressions and images of your teeth, and you’ll be sent home.

We’ll send your bite information to a dental lab, where your night guard will be custom built by a lab technician, ensuring a perfect fit. Your night guard will be sent to our Corona office in about 2 weeks. 

Then, you’ll come in for your second appointment. You’ll try on your new night guard, and Dr. Martinez will make sure that it fits properly. Then, you’ll be sent home with home care instructions and a convenient carrying case to store your new night guard.