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Dental Crowns in Corona, CA

What Are Dental Crowns?

When a tooth has been significantly damaged, decayed, or broken, a dental crown is placed on top to cover all of the surfaces of the tooth. A crown can be thought of as a very strong, durable protective cap that is used to prevent a tooth from breaking, becoming further damaged, to restore missing tooth structure, or to cover up aesthetic imperfections. 

They are sometimes placed after a root canal procedure in molars because they have been weakened during the treatment process and withstand a lot of chewing force. Crowns are also used to complete other tooth restorations like dental bridges and dental implants.

Crowns can be used for both restorative and cosmetic purposes and different materials are used depending on the case. If you’re interested in dental crowns, call (951) 444-7010 contact us at Corona Smile Shoppe to schedule a consultation with your Corona dentist.

What Is the Crown Process Like?

Dr. Martinez will assess your tooth during a consultation to determine if there is any active tooth decay that needs to be removed and if your tooth is suitable for a dental crown. To prepare a tooth to receive a dental crown, we need to shave down the tooth to remove a layer around the entire tooth. 

This creates the ideal shape to fit inside the thickness of a dental crown. Impressions are then taken of your filed-down tooth and sent to a dental lab. They will fabricate the tooth at their lab. If you are receiving a tooth-colored crown, a shade guide is used to match the crown’s shade to your natural tooth shade. 

Crown fabrication can take a few weeks so a temporary immediate crown will be placed until your official one is ready. Once we receive the dental crown, you will return for a separate appointment. We will have a crown fitting, where we check how the crown looks, fits and feels. If it’s satisfactory, the crown will be bonded into place.

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How Long Do Crowns Last?

This depends on many different factors, such as the type of crown material, the location of the tooth, your lifestyle, and oral hygiene. Generally speaking, porcelain and ceramic crowns are the most fragile and prone to chipping and cracking. This gives them a much shorter lifespan than zirconia or metal-based crowns, which are made of much stronger and more durable materials. 

Are There Alternatives to Dental Crowns?

Yes, there are alternatives to dental crowns but it depends on your specific reason for getting a crown. If it’s to cover up aesthetic problems, veneers can be used instead. If a crown is being used to restore a tooth with missing tooth structure, we can alternatively use inlays or onlays. They’re like half of a dental crown, as they use crown materials to fill in the top portion of a tooth.