Restorative dentist in Corona, CA

Restorative Dentistry in Corona, CA

Restore Your Teeth & Your Oral Health

Whether you have a cavity, a broken tooth, or multiple missing teeth in Corona, Dr. Martinez and the team at Corona Dental Shoppe are here to help. With our restorative dentistry services, you can regain your smile, bite, and oral health. Call us today at (951) 444-7010 to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Corona.

Types of Fillings

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are made of a blend of dental resin and special glass particles. They match the color of your teeth, providing a better aesthetic appearance compared to metal amalgam fillings.

Metal Amalgam Fillings

Metal amalgam fillings are made of a blend of metals like silver, tin, mercury, and copper. This creates a durable, long-lasting filling that’s ideal for holding up to strong biting and chewing forces.

The Difference Between Amalgam & Composite Fillings

The primary difference is that composite fillings look more natural, since they’re tooth colored. This makes them better for more visible teeth. In contrast, metal amalgam fillings are more durable and long-lasting, but will discolor the tooth due to their grayish appearance. This makes metal amalgam fillings great for rear molars.

The Benefits Of Restorative Treatments

The most important benefit of restorative treatments is that they bring your oral health back to an optimal state. Without proper care, problems like cavities will only get worse, and they may eventually require more complex, expensive treatments.

You can also get relief from pain, revive the natural appearance of your teeth, and boost your self-confidence with restorative treatments. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your smile is completely healthy once again.